Build Your Dream Home

Knockdown Rebuild.

If your current home no longer fits or you crave change, demolishing and reconstructing offers cost savings compared to relocating or renovating. Plus, you can remain in your cherished neighborhood.


The Journey with Exceed Homes starts with our understanding of our client’s desired outcomes and expectations.

About Our Knockdown Rebuilds

With the cost of land in new developments skyrocketing and block sizes shrinking, the idea of a knock down rebuild is becoming very popular. With our customised design and build process we can efficiently create a new home designed to leverage the existing landscape, environment, and block aspect and slope.

Our 3D Build approach, building from every angle, will ensure your experience with Exceed Homes is one of transparency, collaboration, and efficiency. Let the Exceed Homes experience take the pain out of the Knock down rebuild process.


  • Customised Design: Create a home tailored to your preferences.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Avoid issues common with older homes.
  • Energy Efficiency: Build with eco-friendly features for savings.
  • Personal Expression: Express your style and needs fully.
  • Property Value: Increase resale value with a new home.
  • Emotional Attachment: Maintain a connection while upgrading.

Modernisation: Incorporate the latest technologies and designs.

Location Retention: Stay in your desired neighbourhood.

Environmental Choices: Opt for sustainable materials.

Cost Savings: Avoid land purchase and moving expenses.

Kitchen Sink
Ceiling fan in matte black
Ceiling fan in matte black
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Sink
Ceiling fan in matte black
Ceiling fan in matte black